Friday, October 2, 2009

Partie de dames - Entinen jää

Now we can listen how a Finnish ye-ye girl interprets the song of another ye-ye girl. Kristiina Hautala recorded "Entinen jää" (The past is left behind) in 1967 and it was released on the flip side of the single "Kenen syy, kenen syy" - Finnpicked earlier, here. The original, "Partie de dames", was performed by Liz Brady of France. Liz Brady’s image was a complete fabrication. To create a cool Carnaby Street edge image for her, her French record label gave her an English-sounding stage name and a false English heritage (six years were also trimmed from Liz’s age). In reality, she was born as Raymonde Fleurat in Heliopolis, in Egypt. Despite the effort Liz never reached the big stardom, but eventually make some good records, like this "Partie de dames".

Here's the pair:

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