Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Daisy Mae - Näkis vaan

As for now, this is the last one of the long row of 1972 covers. The vocal duo of brothers Pasi & Pekka (family name Saarikko) had not same kind of success as their contemporaries Jouko & Kosti and Matti & Teppo. But despite being in the 'second division' they cut decent covers and recorded a whole album in 1972. On the single culled from the album was this "Näkis vaan" (Just wait and see). Surprisingly, it was another cover of Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds song (this one also written by Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter). "Daisy Mae" was their second single and a minor Top-40 hit for the group in 1971. But the following single "Don't Pull You Love" - yesterday's Finnpick - was the one that spilled the beans.

Here's the pair:

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