Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Sweet Lord - Isäni mun

Tapani Kansa was bold enough to record "Isäni mun" (Father of mine) in 1971. It was on the flipside of a cover of "Proud Mary" (I guess we are about to hear also that one in the future ...) and didn't get much attention. The lyrics are done by Staffan Folk, which, I guess, is just another pseudonym for Tapani himself. It's quite peculiar, in Finland, to hear a chorus sing 'Hare Krishna' while the singer is trying to find his Father (=God). Well, it was not so peculiar in the original song "My Sweet Lord", becouse it was written by George Harrison, and we all are familiar with George's fling with the eastern religions. However, it is generally not known that George wrote the song for his friend Billy Preston (another "5th Beatle"). It was included in his album "Encouraging Words" and was a minor hit for Billy in early 1970. George himself covered his own song on his album "All Things Must Pass", and it was released as a single in November 1970. And it became a worldwide hit. Later, as we well remember, a court decision was made that Harrison was unintentionally copied an earlier song - "He's So Fine" by The Chiffons. He was ordered to surrender the majority of royalties from "My Sweet Lord". Eventually, Harrison later bought the rights to "He's So Fine" ...

Here's the triplet:

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