Friday, October 16, 2009

Mohair Sam - Tyttöjen iskijä Mohair Sam

Carola (see earlier entry) was a very versatile singer. She sang pop, schlager, r&B, jazz - you name it - and always with credibility. In the 1968 she recorded a song called "Tyttöjen iskijä Mohair Sam" (Girl picker Mohair Sam). It was released as a single, but was not a big success chartwise, however highly acclaimed piece of music at the time, and still today. The original song was written by US country musician and songwriter Dallas Frazier and made popular by another country ace Charlie Rich. Charlie was a regular session musician for Sun Records in the 50's, playing on records by Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, etc., and also writing songs for them. In 1965 he had a TOP-30 hit with this "Mohair Sam," an R&B-influenced novelty-rock number. His follow-up singles weren't successful, until he broke through in big way in 1973 with "Behind Closed Doors" and "The Most Beautiful Girl".

Here's the pair:

New! You can see a selection of some hand-picked Youtube videos of today's Finnpick song by playing my shared playlist in (includes Carola singing "Mohair Sam" in English).

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