Thursday, October 15, 2009

Delta Dawn - Laakson lilja

Maarit (b. Maarit Äijö) has been constantly popular pop- and rock singer over 30 years now. She nowadays usually records material written by herself and her husband Sami Hurmerinta, but in the early years she cut several covers. The first and most famous one was "Laakson lilja" (Lily of the valley) in 1973. It was one of her biggest hits and some consider it as some kind of Maarit's signature song. The original song "Delta Dawn" was written by US country singer and songwriter Alex Harvey. He has later confessed that the song tells about her mother. The first recording was made in 1972 by at the time only 13 year old Tanya Tucker. It was also the first hit version, although the version by Helen Reddy was the biggest seller.

Here's the pair:

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