Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Don't Pull Your Love - Kuin tuhka tuuleen

Here's one more artist that was known just by his first name. Sammy (see earlier entry) released records, however, as Sammy Babitzin. He recorded "Kuin tuhka tuuleen" (Like ash in the wind) in 1972 (as it happens, the year of origin of all the recent entries - a good year for covers) and it turned out to be a big success for him. The original song was written by US songwriters Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter, and it was performed by pop trio from Los Angeles, Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds. The original members of the group were Dan Hamilton, Joe Frank Carolla and Tommy Reynolds. This "Don't Pull Your Love" was their first hit and a big one. The song was first offered to another, already established pop group, The Grass Roots, but they turned it down, because they felt it was a bit light for their style. Well, it was light enough to raise H,JF&R into 4th place of the Billboard Singles Chart in 1971.

Here's the pair:

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Anonymous said...

Nämä molemmat ovat aivan hemmetin hyviä !
Oli aikoinaan vaikea löytää tuo alkuperäinen, eikä erikoinen esittäjänimiyhdistelmä kyllä helpottanut asiaa.
Oli muuten tässä tannoin jonkun TV:stä tulleen leffan taustamusiikeissa mukana.

Vieras J