Saturday, October 3, 2009

Borriquito - Borriquito

It seems that the blog has had a lot of "listeners". My DivShare monthly bandwidth has been exceeded, thanks to you ;-). It shall be reset sometimes after the 8th of October.

Mimmi Mustakallio (b. Raija Tuula Mustakallio) cut two well-received singles in the beginning of the 70's. This is first one, released in 1971, and called "Borriquito". Mimmi performed usually Spanish songs, especially flamencos. "Borriquito" was originally Catalonian rhumba, and a smash hit for a guy called Peret (b, Pedro Pubill)."Borriquito" is the diminutive for "burro" (donkey), and the song of course tells a story of a man and his little donkey.

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...


Johan nyt! Paniko Divshare lapun luukulle? Miten olisi Badongo, Rapidshare tai Megaupload uusina vaihto-ehtoina tätä hommaa pyörittämään? Entä Torrent? Hyvää jatkoa jos ei oma riitä.

P.S. Minua on jo pidemmän aikaa mietityttänyt, mistä saisin Mimmi Mustakallion biisin Borriquito. Kun se lopulta näyttäisi olevan saatavilla, niin koko hommassa nousee tie pystyyn Divsharen temppujen takia. Pthyi Divsharelle!

Jo/No said...


Just discovered your blog and looking forward to whenever your Divshare account is up and running again. Will check back soon!

In the meantime you are welcome to check out my blog, where I've plans to post some Finnish music soon in celebration of the Finland-Sweden separation a long time ago:

DM said...

Hej på dig Jo/No!

Thank you for commenting. I visited your blog and it truly has interesting entries. I will certainly re-visit.
I will get the bandwith back on 9th of October, i.e. next Friday. Till then, bye for now ...