Wednesday, October 21, 2009

L'Arca Di Noé - Nooakin arkki

Now it's time to present a song that tells about the oldest ship in the world - the Noah's Ark. Finnish actor and singer Tapani Perttu recorded "Nooakin arkki" (Noah's ark) in 1970 and had a minor single hit with it. Perttu started his singing career already in 1962 performing schlager under pseudonym Perttu Kari. His breakthrough happened in 1969, when he recorded a cover of Gilbert Beccaud's 'Nathalie". For the most of his career, Tapani has been resident actor in the Theater of Tampere and he is often used as a voice-over artist in animations. This song is not religious or biblical, but treats Noah's Ark as a symbol for change and hope for better times. As did the original, that was written and performed by Italian Sergio Endrigo and called "L'Arca Di Noé" (Noah's ark). In the lyrics the protagonist comperes his ship to Noah's ark becouse it's manned by "dog, the cat, me and you". Sergio was among the most popular and appreciated songwriters of Italy. He won the 1968 Sanremo Festival and finished third in 1970 with this 'Ark song'.


Anonymous said...

loistava cover..Tapani pertulta..vielä kun joku saisi natalien tänne

Anonymous said...

What a pity most of the music links are dead by now.