Sunday, February 5, 2012

Goodbye - Hei vain

Well, this is it. The 1000th and last Finnpick. When I started this blog in May 2008, I surely didn't expect it last this long. But this has been fun, and to my surprise. the blog has attracted readers all over the world. Even if the the genre here is very niche - Finnish covers of foreign hits. I myself have discovered many new songs and many new artists on the way. And revived some already-lost memories. I hope the Finnpicks has been able to do the same to you.

The Finnpick number 1 was titled "Moi, moi vain". That's the greeting the Finns use when meeting someone. So, it's appropriate to end our journey with the song titled "Hei vain" (Just bye-bye), which in turn is used at the moment of departure. Päivi Paunu recorded it in 1969, scoring a minor hit with it. The original song was a worldwide hit for Mary Hopkin and called "Goodbye". It was the follow-up single for her number one single "Those Were The Days" (which also was covered by Päivi Paunu, see here ). The "Goodbye" song was written by Paul McCartney, and Paul has now the honour to perform the last song in Finnpicks; his demo version of "Goodbye".

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bye Bye - Moi moi

Arto Sotavalta recorded "Moi moi" in 1975 and it was released on the B-side of "Seilaan", his cover of Rod Stewart's "Sailing". The A-side was a modest hit, but this flipside has been unjustly forgotten. The Finnish lyrics are by Chrisse Johansson and the arrangement by Veikko Samuli. The original song "Bye Bye" was written and performed by Brtish singer/sogwriter/producer Peter Shelley (b. Peter Alexander Southworth). Peter made his breakthrough as a singer in 1974 with "Gee Baby". This "Bye Bye" is from the "Gee Baby" -album. Peter was also closely connected with Alvin Stardust, see this earlier finnpick.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cambodia - Matka tuntemattomaan

After a couple of days break - caused by flu - the journey towards the end of Finnpicks continues. Satu Pentikäinen recorded "Matka tuntemattomaan" (The journey to the unknown) in 1982. It was released on the B-side of a single (the A-side was cover of Bucks Fizz's "Land of Make Believe"), as well as on the album "Lapsuus jäi". Unfortunately the single sank without a trace and the album wasn't big seller either. The original song was one of the mega hits of Kim Wilde and called "Cambodia" and released in 1981. It was written - as most of her biggies - by her father Marty Wild and her brother Ricky Wilde. The lyrics of the song tell the story of the wife of a Thailand-based Royal Air Force Pilot, whose husband mysteriously disappears after flying out to Cambodia and never returns. It is said to be inspired by some of the tragedies that occurred in South Vietnam.  You can see the official music video of the song, here.

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stop The Music - Soitto seis

Yesterday we presented the last waltz in Finnpicks. Well, today is the Last Tango in Finnpicks. The Finns have for long time been a 'Tango Nation'. This was especiaklly true in the first part of the 60's. There was even some bad conflicts between the fans of tango and fans of the aspiring beat anf pop music. Here's an example how a pop tune was turned to a Finnish tango. Eino Grön recorded "Soitto seis" (Stop playing) in 1964 to the Finnish lyrics of Saukki Puhtila. Since then this song has been versioned in Finnish many many times. But the most popular version, which also was a big hit Finland, was done by the Swedish pop group Lenne & The Leekings in 1965. Of the numerous Finnish beat covers we present here the latest one, done by Anza Mertaranta All Stars, featuring our famous sports commentator Antero Mertaranta in drums. The original "Stop The Music" was hard to find. And I'm not sure if this one from 1963 by British pop singer Dick Jordan is the original one. Dick released several cover somgs in the end of 50's and in the beginning of 60's on a budget record label. This was his first attempt to break through with original material. Well, he didn't do it in UK, but.was it was a number one hit in Turkey ...

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Last Waltz - Viimeinen valssi

Thia ia the last waltz in Finnpicks. Harri Haka (real name Stig Hagström) recorded "Viimeinen valssi" (Last waltz) in 1967 but didn't succeed chartwise with it. It was the A-side to "Peltipurkki", finnpicked earlier, see here.  The Finnish lyrics were done by Jyrki Lindström, who was a popular lyricist and translator especially in the 60's, but his career as a lyricist was quite short. Pasi Kaunisto (see earlier entry) recorded the same song two years later for his debut album. The original song, "The Last Waltz", was written by English sonqwriers Batty Mason and Leslie Reed and it was s smash hit for Engelbert Humperdinck (b. Arnold George Dorsey) in 1967. You can see him perform the song, here.

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Friday, January 27, 2012

The Shape of Things To Come - Epitafi

Lea Laven recorded "Epitafi" (The Epitaph) in 1972 to somewhat obscure Finnish lyrics by Chrisse Johansson. It was released on her "Vuisikertaa" album. The original song was called "The Shape of Things To Come" (not to be confused with the Yardbirds' 1966 song "Shapes of Things"). It was written by famous songwriting duo Cynthia Weill and Barry Mann for the 1968 US exploitation movie "Wild in the Streets" and performed by a fictional band named Max Frost and the Troopers. Actually the song was performed by a studio group called The 13th Power. The song became a number 22 hit on the US Billboard charts. You can see the song performed in the movie, here

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Goodbye Girl - Jos yksin nyt jäät

Kari Tapio recorded "Jos yksin nyt jäät" (If you now are left alone) in 1979 for one of his many "Kari Tapio" -named albums. The Finnish lyrics were crafted by Pertsa Reponen. Kari's interpretation is easily on a par with the original. The original song "Goodbye Girl" was the title song for the 1977 movie "The Goodbye Girl". It was written and performed by American singer-songwriter David Gates. (perhaps best known as the lead singer of the group Bread). The song hit number 15 on the Billboard Hot 100. BTW, Richard Dreyfuss won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in this romatic comedy film directed by Herbert Ross.

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

First Hello Last Goodbye - Alku jäähyväisien

As the Finnish title of today's finnpick says - this is the start of goodbyes. Only one week left for new entries in Finnpicks blog. Danny recorded "Alku jäähyväisien" (The start of goodbyes) in 1992 and it was released on his album "Tämä taivas tämä maa". The Finnish lyrics were provided by Turkka Mali. The original song was called "First Hello Last Goodbye" and it was co-written and performed by Roger Whittaker. It was released in 1975. The song was not a big hit at the time, but considered by many to be one of the Whittaker's best.

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