Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Coo Ca Choo - Mun lauantai

Leo Luoto (see earlier entry) recorded "Mun lauantai" (My Saturday) in 1974. As was the case with majority of Leo's recordings at the time, it sadly sunk without a trace. Even if the original was a big hit, in Top 20 also in Finland. The original "My Coo Ca Choo" was released under the name Alvin Stardust and it launched a short but glamorous career for one Shane Fenton (b. Bernard Jewry). He had couple of minor hits in the 60's with his group the Fentones, the most memorable of which was "I'm A Moody Guy". Shane/Alvin was really designed to be 'moody guy' with his menacing looks, side-burns and black leather suit and gloves. The man behind Alvin's records was Peter Shelley, so much so that he wrote, produced and even sang this first one. He didn't want to be Alvin Stardust as he recorded other kind material under his own name, and subsequently Shane step into Alvin's boots, just in time to present the hit single in BBC's Top of the Pops -TV show. You can see it, here.

Here's the pair:

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