Sunday, May 2, 2010

Don't Do It Baby - Ethän tee niin

Today's finnpick is similar to the one we presented yesterday; a song from international hit act whose Finnish cover for some reason was not at all successful. Aaron (see earlier entry) recorded "Ethän tee niin" (Don't do it, won't you) in 1975 together with a mystery lady called Chrisse. I suspect that the she was Chrisse Johansson, who provided also Finnish lyrics sor the song. If so, this should have been the one and only recording that she contributes as a singer. As a lyricist she is one of the most productive in Finland, lyics of hundreds and hundreds of Finnish pop songs are credited to her. The original song that Aaron and Chrisse covered was performed by famous UK pop group The Rubettes. "Don't Do It Baby" was on their 2nd album"We Can Do It". Rubettes was assembled in 1973 by the songwriting team of Wayne Bickerton and Tony Waddington, after their 1950s American pop-influenced songs had been rejected by a number of existing acts. The trademark of the band was wearing white suits and cloth caps on stage.

Here's the pair:


Tarkkailija K said...

Crisse Johansson also appeared as a singer on Aaron´s version of the Prinsessa -65 ( The Queen of -65), and on Ihan jees (Lover Please). As far as I know..

Tarkkailija K said...

By the way, it´s nice to read where these "finnhits" came from, that i heard all the time at home when i was growing up. Nice job.

DM said...

Yes you are quite right, Chrisse contributed also in "Prinsessa -65". The Archive of Finnish Recorded Music does not give performer credit for Chrisse for "Ihan jees", but as I have not heard the actual song, I don't know for sure.