Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Si - Niin

Today is the 2nd birthday of Finnpicks! And we continue with our Eurovision Song Contest countdown ...

Lea Laven has never represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, but she has covered many of the international entries. In 1974 she had a big hit and breakthrough with "Niin" (So), to the lyrics by Chrisse Johansson. It was the cover of Italy's entry of that year "Si" (Yes), performed by Gigliola Cinquetti. Gigliola had won in 1964 but now she finished second just behind Abba. And here's a piece of ESC trivia: the live telecast of her song was banned in Italy by the national broadcaster RAI, as the event partially coincided with the campaigning for the 1974 Italian referendum on divorce which was held a month later in May. It was censored because of concerns that the name and lyrics of the song (which constantly repeated the word 'Sì') could be accused of being a subliminal message and a form of propaganda to influence the Italian voting public to vote 'Yes' in the referendum.

Here's the pair:

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