Sunday, May 16, 2010

Step Into A Dream - Onnen maa

Johnny recorded "Onnen maa" (Land of happiness) in 1973 for his "Jonglööri" album. It was also released as a single but was put on the B-side and sunk without a trace. It's a pity becouse the song is absolutely and definitely a pop classic. Sorry about the poor sound quality. The song was written by master songwriter Roger Cook and the original version was recorded by UK pop group White Plains. The group evolved from the Flower Pot Men (featured in Finnpicks, here) and the lead singer on most of their hits was Tony Burrows The band's material was mostly provided by their producers - the two Rogers, Cook and Greenaway. This song "Step Into A Dream" was their last hit in 1973. The song is light-weight equipped with a charming melody line and string arrangement reminiscing classical minuets.

Here's the pair:

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