Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ce Soir Je T'Attendais - Odotin sinua

Marion represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1963 with "Tipi Tii" and in 1973 with "Tom Tom". In 1966 she recorded "Odotin sinua"" (I waited for you). The original was the Luxembourg's own entry in contest held in Luxembourg in 1966, called "Ce Soir Je T'Attendais" (I waited for you tonight). It was performed by French singer Michele Torr (b. Michelle Cléberte Tort). Lyrics can be found here. It placed 10th, sharing that position with Finland's "Playboy" (performed by Ann Christine). The winning song in that year came from Austria; "Merci Cherie". Eleven years later, in 1977, Michele Torr again took part in Eurovision, this time representing Monaco with the song "Une petite française". That was also covered in Finnish, perhaps we will present it here in the future.

Here's the pair:

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