Friday, May 28, 2010

Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment - Kun rakastaa

The year 1976 was very productive year when it comes to Finnish covers of Eurovsion Song Contest entries. There was an whole compilation album made consisting solely of ESC songs. One of those was this "Kun rakastaa" (When one is in love) by Matti Asla. This is one those forgotten songs that deserved something better, if only for the magnificent voice of the singer Matti Asla. Unfortunately Matti never reached the fame and fortune which shoulfd have been destined for him. The original song was called "Chansons pour ceux qui s'aiment" (Songs for those who love each other), the Luxembourgish entry in 1976 ESC (placed 14th). It was performed by Jürgen Marcus (b.Jürgen Beumer) a German schlager singer who was most successful during the 1970s. You can see him perform the song here.

Here's the pair:

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