Friday, May 7, 2010

Partners - Toverukset

Tapio Rautavaara (see earlier entry) recorded "Toverukset" (Comrades) in 1960 with vocal group Neloset (see earlier entry). The song suits well to Tapio's manly voice, and the lyrics, too. It tells about the search of gold, partnership and greediness. As did the original, a country song named "Partners" (lyrics here), that was a lesser known song of famous US pop and country singer Jim Reeves. Known as Gentleman Jim, his songs have continued to chart again and again after his death at the age of 40 in a airplane crash in 1964.

Here's the pair:


Tarkkailija K said...

Very mannish, John Cash- kind of song.

It would be nice to know if there´s an original song behind "tuoppini jäljet". Since that was the first song i ever sang according to my family´s urban legend.

Of coure i could google it, but if you have some knowledge about it, please share.

DM said...

Well, "Tuopin jäljet" (Tracks of the pint) is as much Finnish original as it can ever be ;-). It was written by Toivo Kärki and lyrics were made by Reino Helismaa. It was recorded by Tapio Rautavaara in 1963.

Tarkkailija K said...

Kärki-Helismaa-Rautavaara. So true, can´t get more Finnish than that.