Thursday, May 13, 2010

Abracadabra - Abrakadabra

Kirka recorded "Abrakadabra" for his 1983 album "Täytyy uskaltaa". Kirka's popularity was at the time temporarily waned, and the album was not such a big seller, nor the singles culled from it. This was one of the better tunes, not released as a single. The original was "Abracadabra", a big hit for Steve Miller Band. Released as the main single from the album Abracadabra in 1982, it became a number one hit in USA, and also hit number two on the UK charts. The song is said to have been inspired by Diana Ross with whom the band met filming TV shows in the 1960's. Abracadabra is an incantation used as a magic word in conjuring tricks that historically was believed to have healing powers when inscribed on an amulet. The word stems from the Aramaic language "Ahbra Kedahbra", which translates to "I will create as I speak".

Here's the pair:

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