Sunday, September 20, 2009

Live Is Life - Villi yö

Songs of Austrian origin are very rarely covered in Finland (or anywhere else for that matter). We had one example of those in earlier Finnpicks (here), and here is another. Leo Luoto recorded "Villi yö" (Wild night) in 1985- Altogether 6 (!) Finnish versions were made of this same song on that year. Leo's was the only one released as a single. Leo was in the group Kalmar Union in the 70's, and later cut also some solo recordings. He's still actively performing. The original song - called "Live Is Life" - was written and performed by group called Opus. Opus is an Austrian pop-rock group from Graz which was formed in 1973, and is still active today. The band is fine example of 'one hit wonders'. In 1985 they released "Live Is Life" which topped the charts in many countries, and a live recording of the song even made the Top 40 in the USA. Thereafter ... nothing. We present here the live version.


Anonymous said...

Hi ;)
I really love your blog and I enjoy hearing these songs in finnish..
I was wodering if you could help me find a song:

taiska - Naisen muotokuva (1978)

You would really make me happy if you'd find it for me..

cheers from Italy

DM said...

I'm sorry, the song is released only on the vinyl album "Taiska" and that I don't have. It includes also a couple of other interesting covers, including Taiska's cover of Beatles' "Long And Winding Road". (which I do have ...).

Anonymous said...

sigh :( it really seems very hard to find that song.. are finnish albums from that era so rare? A also love Lea Laven.. but her albums are never available in the blogs..


Anonymous said...

Toi on hyvä tuo " We present the Live Version ":)

Biisihän on Live is life eli live rulaa- ei siitä muuta versiota olekaan kuin Live :)