Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rosy - Rosy

Dave (real name Seppo Kohvakka) was for a short time in the beginning of 1970's among the most popular Finnish male pop singers. He dropped his pop career, however, after turning religious and recorded thereafter only spiritual music. Dave had one big and a couple of smaller hits, and this "Rosy" in 1972 was one of the latter (and better) ones. The original "Rosy" came from Spain. It was written and performed by Lorenzo Santamaria (b. Lorenzo Roselló Horrach) , singer and actor, more known as a singer of romantic ballads. In the 1960's he was member in the beat groups like Los Brios and Z-66. In 1971 his second solo single "Rosy" sold more than 50000 copies in Spain.

Here's the pair:

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