Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gdzie ten swiat mlodych lat - Huulin hymyilevin

Greger (b. Greger Nervander) won a national song contest in 1977. His first single was released in the same year and was called "Huulin hymyilevin" (With smiling lips). Greger's voice and Chrisse Johansson's lyrics made it a great success. And for a couple of years Greger was in the front row of Finnish schlager singers. The original song was of Polish origin It was called "Gdzie ten swiat mlodych lat" (Where are the years of young world) and it is one of the most beloved tunes of composer Adam Skorupka. The song was performed in the 1976 Sopot Music Festival. That version is not in my possession, so I present here a beatiful 1977 version by unjustly forgotten Polish female singer Jadwiga Strlecka, who was blessed with a beautiful voice and charm on stage.

Here's the pair:

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kumma ettei tätä gregeriä Löydä mistään < Loistava laulaja ja Hieno Cover silloisen sev-maan Puolan Laulusta