Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wonderful Land - Luvattu maa

As stated before, there are surprisingly many Finnish covers of songs that have originally been instrumental tunes. One of these is "Luvattu maa"(Promised land), a single released by Irmeli Mäkelä (b. Hellä Muisto Irmeli Liikanen), together with vocal group Four Dogs), in 1962. Irmeli was quite popular schlager singer in the end of 50's and in the beginning of 60's. She won the Finnish preliminaries of Eurovision Song Contest 1963 with "Muistojeni laulu", but for some reason another songstress, Laila Halme, was chosen as Finnish representative. The original song "Wonderful Land" was massive hit for Shadows in 1962. It went to number one in the charts in UK and stayed there more weeks than any other single during the 60's - including those by The Beatles. The tune was written by Jerry Lordan, as was their first hit, "Apache", which is also covered vocally in Finnish (we might hear it here someday ...).

Here's the pair:

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