Sunday, September 13, 2009

Kodachrome - Kameramies

Anna Hanski released her second album "Syksyiset unet" in 1991. One of the covers on that album was "Kameramies" (Camera man). The original "Kodachrome" was written and performed by Paul Simon on his 1973 album "There Goes Rhymin' Simon ". It was also released as a single and it was a hit in USA but not in England, partly because BBC rarely played it. The BBC had very strict rules about commercial endorsements, and they would not allow stations to play songs that seemed to push products. Kodachrome is a registered trademark of the Kodak company. It is a method of color transparency.

Updated on 18.09.2010: added the first Finnish version "Mustavalkoista" (Black and white) by Aaron.

Here's the triplet:


Arrowman said...

in 1974 Aaron (b. Aaro Laukkonen) made the original finnish version "Mustavalkoista" on EMI 5e-006-35011, if I recall right he oonly made a handfull of singles in 70's and one selftitled album (1975)
Found a poor quality "video" here ->, but at least one can hear the song...

DM said...

Yep. This Aaron's version has been 'on my desk' for a while, waiting to be published. It is copied from the link you mentioned, so it won't be of better quality, unfortunately.