Thursday, September 17, 2009

Der Pariser tango - Pariisin tango

In our recurrent series 'Both sides Now' - here's "Pariisin tango" (Tango of Paris), the A-side of the yesterday's Finnpicked song by Koivistolaiset. This tango fared popularity-wise better than the disco tune. The Finns are 'tango people' - you see. Like the one on the flip side, the original song was of German origin. It was written by famous schlager composer Christian Bruhn (his 'Liebeskummer lohnt sich nicht' previously Finnpicked here). It became a big European hit for Mireille Matthieu in 1971-1972.

Here's the pair:


Arrowman said...

This brings on my mind...
You don't happen' to have chance to get hands on for me unknown singer Camilla Stähle. Mimi has made record called "Et je t'aime" (Pallade pour Adeline). Would be interesting hear here the Finnish version "Laulu menneille vuosille" seems, that this Stähle is only one, who ever sung this originally instrumental by Richard Clyderman in Finnish.

DM said...

Yes! I do have Camilla's "Laulu menneille vuosille" I will publish it next week.