Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mr. Giant Man - Jättiläinen

Let's continue a while with Koivistolaiset. It was a duo of two sisters - Anja and Anneli Koivisto. They began in the 60's basically as background dancers. For awhile they seemed to be "official go-go dancers of Finland". Whenever the TV music shows included background dancing, you'd bet Koivistolaiset were in it. Later they widened their repertoire and started singing. They represented Finland in the 1971 Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Tie uuteen päivään" together with Markku Aro. In 1972 they recorded "Jättiläinen" (Giant), playing quite minor role compared to the unknown vocal talents of "Jättiläinen". The original song was co-written by famous German bandleader and composer/musician James Last (b. Hans Last). It was published the 1971 album "Voodoo-Party" that was released under name James Last, but I guess his role was only in producing the record. Around 1970 the James Last Orchestra's rhythm section was reorganized as a rock group, and this album was done by that formation. The drummer Barry Roy Reeves and the bassist Benny Bendorff were co-writers of this "Mr. Giant Man" song.

Here's the pair:

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jimsharpe said...

Does this exist as a record in Finnland? Is it available anywhere? I would LOVE to have a copy of this...