Monday, September 7, 2009

Music To Watch Girls By - Kun tyttöjä katselen

As we have learned, the most succesful song that was originally used for advertising purposes, was "I'd like To Teach The World To Sing" (Coca-Cola). This ad music for Diet Pepsi follows close behind ... Eddy (see earlier entry) recorded "Kun tyttöjä katselen" in May 1967. It was released as a single and was some kind of summer hit for him. The original was made by singer/songwriter and producer Bob Crewe. He scored numerous hits with his solid production of Four Seasons. Crewe stepped out into fame on his own in 1967, when he heard a jingle demo for a Diet Pepsi spot called "Music to Watch Girls By" and quickly rushed into the studio to record a big-band, horn-driven instrumental version of it. Released under the group name the Bob Crewe Generation, the track went Top 20 on the Billboard charts. A little later, Andy Williams, scored big with a vocal version of the same tune.

Here's the triplet:

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