Friday, November 14, 2008

Was ich dir sagen will - Rakkauden jälkeen

This song is one of the absolute classics. "Rakkauden jälkeen" (After the love) was recorded by Carola (see previous entry) and released as a single in the end of the year 1968. Her interpretation is perfect and the arrangement of the song is lighter and thus more sensitive as in the original. It's not so heavy on the piano, although the piano parts are essential to the song. The original song was composed and performed by the Austrian superstar Udo Jürgens (real name Udo Jürgen Bockelmann) in 1967. There's a piece of information at Udo's website that the English version of the song entitled "The Music Played" became an worldwide success in 1969, but I can't recall ever hearing the English version. It seems to have been especially popular in Japan. Udo is of course best known for winning the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest with "Merci, chérie".

Updated on 18.2.2009: added Matt Monro's English language version.

Here's the triplet:

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Arrowman said...

Well, only Spanish version is missing here... Matt Monro's "Alguien canto" and maybe Frencs, if someone has done it...