Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amada mia, amore mio - Jos mulle sydämesi annat

Finnpicks Disco Week proudly presents Silhuetit, a vocal group that performed "Jos mulle sydämesi annat" (If you give me your heart) in 1977. It was the only hit of the short-lived group. It consisted of 4 male singers Arto Alaspää and Martti Metsäketo and two female singers Irina Milan and Marianne Nyman. All of them have had some success in the music business on their own. Especially Irana Milan has a long career starting already in the 60's. The original was a song of Italian origin but sung in Spanish (in addition to the title/refrain there was actually only one other sentence: "la noche me habla de ti") by a band that also had Spanish name "El Pasador". Like Silhuetit, El Pasador remained a One Hit Wonder. They were basically a studio project by Celso Valli, an Italian producer, songwriter and an all-around Italian disco dude, who also co-wrote this catchy "Amada mia, amore mio" song.

Here's the pair:

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