Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Africa - Kuusamo

Danny (see previous entry) turned from 60's pop & rock artist into more mainstream pop in the 70's. One - very succesful - example of this is "Kuusamo" released as a single in 1976. Kuusamo is a city in north-eastern Finland. It is very popular as a summer resort and in wintertime the Finns visit in hordes Ruka skiing centrum for downhill- and cross-country skiing. Danny was recently awarded Kuusamo Medal for his merits in making the city famous with this song. The song's original name was something as exotic as "Kuusamo", namely "Africa". It was co-written by Italian legend Toto Cutugno. The first recording was made by Toto's own group, Albatros. They recorded both Italian and English versions. The Italian version was called "L'estate di san Martino" which means "Indian Summer", The same title in French was used in the Joe Dassin's version "L'ete d'Indien'. It was recorded in 1975 and one of the first international hit versions of the song. The song has been covered numerous times all around the world, which only proves taht you can't keep a good melody down.

Here's the triple:

Kuusamo - Danny
Africa - Albatros
L'Ete Indien - Joe Dassin

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Arrowman said...

Here's one you could rip again, if possible... one of those non working.... Great song in both Albatross and Dassin versions...
Would be greatful....
From the first blog to this, I've found 59 tracks non working, part of them only Finnish or original has stopped working after your new DivShare were updated... I'm gonna listen them all in order from now on, untill today I have taken picks from here and there and those, which I have found most interesting, but after all I have listened allmost all once and greatest treasures many times at least once a week... Your blog is FANTASTIC ! ! !