Saturday, November 22, 2008

Alla fine della strada - Unta en saa

Next week Finnpicks goes disco! But before that, let's get some quick-one's for the weekend with the company of old friends.
Eero Raittinen (see previous entry) recorded "Unta en saa" (I get no sleep) in 1969, and it was a modest hit for him. The original "Alla fine della strada" (At the end of the road) originated again from San Remo Music Festival. In 1969 this song was performed by Italian singer Junior Magli and a British group The Casuals. Let's hear the Casuals' (best known for their "Jesamine" -hit) version. You all of course recognize the song being the same as "Love Me Tonight" that Tom Jones made into an international success.

Here's the pair:

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