Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fairytale - Ihmemaa

Our old friend Taiska (see previous entry) released her hit single "Ihmemaa" (Wonderland) in 1977. It has some kind of wonderful naiviety that still charms people. The original song was called "Fairytale" and it was sung by Irish singer Dana in 1976. Dana is famous for representing Ireland in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 and winning with "All Kinds of Everything". She has been popular singer throughout these years, but mainly in her home country. BTW, the song is composed by Paul Greedus, who also wrote Dracula's Tango (see previous entry).

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

Voisi melkein kuvitella Taiskan laulavan tuossa englanniksi.

DM said...

Yep. Varsinkin kertosäkeessä.