Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Let Me Sing - Luotan sydämen ääneen

Next in Finnpicks Disco is Lady Paula. Paula Koivuniemi (see previous entry). She performed "Luotan sydämen ääneen" (I'll trust in the voice of the heart) in 1982. It was released as a single and became one her biggest hits. The original song was called "Let Me Sing" and came from Belgium. It was performed by Emly Starr, sometimes called "Disco Queen Of The Benelux". Emly started her career with artist name "Heidi", but changed it in 1975 when she met singer-composer-producer Tony Winter alias Kick Dandy. Later - in order to make Emly's stage-act visually more interesting - dancers were added, and Emly Starr Explosion or ESE was the new extended name. This song was released in 1981, in the year that Emly represented Belgium in ESC. And it's written - as most of her songs - by her producer Kick Dandy.

Here's the pair:


Anonymous said...

the paula koivuniemi version is some kind eerie and weird but yet very good compared to the original

DM said...

Ye, I guess anything sung in Finnish would sound weird to a non-Finnish ear ... ;-). But Paula's version is great.