Thursday, August 28, 2008

Todo Todo Todo - Ikivanha leikki

Paula Koivuniemi has been over 40 years among the most popular Finnish female singers. She recorded her first single in 1966 and is still recording and performing actively. She has recorded hundreds of songs and I guess this is not the last time we have the pleasure of hearing Paula's alto voice in this blog. She recorded the "Ikivanha leikki" (The ancient game) in 1993. The original song is called "Todo, todo, todo" (Everything, Everything, Everything) and performed by a Mexican singer Daniela Romo (real name Teresita Presmanes Corona). She started her career in film and television soap operas in the 1970's. Later she also took singing and has become a superstar in Latin music world. This song was from her 8th album "Amada más que nunca" (1991). It was pruduced by a famous Argentinian producer Bebu Silvetti and is a splendid example of the 'tropical' pop music genre.

Here's the pair:

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