Friday, August 29, 2008

Hey Dean Hey Jean - Viuhahdus

The folk- and beat music boom in the 1960's gave birth to Irwin Goodman (real name Antti Hammarberg). But when the international folk music went out of style, Irwin continued successfully doing popified - truly Finnish - folk music. The catchy melodies composed by Irwin together with witty and often daring lyrics written by his good friend Veikko "Vexi" Salmi was a winning formula. The songs often dealed with contemporary topics in humorous manner, like this song "Viuhahdus" (The Streak) that was recorded in 1974. Streaking was the hype thing at the time, and Irwin and Vexi took a Finnish view on it. Actually this song is not "officially" a cover song, becouse the composer in the records is Irwin Goodman. But there's been quite a lot of debate if this is a plagiate or not - now you judge for yourself. The original (or "The original") is done by the US duo Dean and Jean already in 1964 and called "Hey Dean Hey Jean". It wasn't hit in Finland, but reached numer 32 in US Pop charts. Dean's real name was Welton Young and Jean's was Brenda Lee Jones (later Brenda Lee Nelson). They recorded as a duo from late 1958 through 1966, scoring some minor hits. The subtitle for the song is "Party song", and thats what it really is.

Here's the pair:

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Anonymous said...

Kannattaa tsekata biisi 'Ce n'est pas vrai' sen esittää ranskalainen Monty (oik. Jacques Bulostin).
Ekan versionsa Monty tempaisi v-64 Barclay-levy-yhtiölle. Päivitetty uudempi versio vuoden-97 paikkeilta.
Se 1964 versio soi ainakin Las Palmasissa 70-luvun alussa. Olisiko
tarttunut sieltä samalla reissulla siihen nahkaiseen hattuun...