Friday, August 22, 2008

You're the One - Sinä vain

The Raittinen brothers - Eero and Jussi - are the icons of Finnish rock'n roll. Their career spans from 1960 till the present day and they are still going strong. Their group Eero, Jussi & The Boys has been the longest-standing active rock'n roll band in Finland. The backing group The Boys has over the years included a major part of Finnish rock musicians, and therefore sometimes it's called 'The Academy of Finnish Pop Music'. The song "Sinä vain" (Only you) was recorded in 1966 when Jussi was serving in the Army. And thus the performing group is just Eero & The Boys. However, Jussi wrote the Finnish lyrics. The original song was written by Tony Hatch and co-written by Petula Clark who (of course) also performed it. The original recording was made in 1965. Although it only reached number 23 in UK charts, the song had evidently some strong qualities, hitting Top 10 in USA (versioned by The Vogues), and doing well in Finland when re-recorded by Jorma Kääriäinen & The Agents in 1997.

Here's the pair:

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