Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Girl Like You - Tuollainen tyttö

One can say that Timo Jämsen (real name Keijo Ahola) was the first successful Finnish Rock'n'Roll singer. He had a success in the 'Rock King of Finland' contest in 1959 (but didn't win). He recorded several solo singles before joining in the guitar group Esquires in 1963. Timo's legendary single was "Kohtalon tähti " b/w "Tuollainen tyttö" (That kind of girl) in 1961. The A-side was Elvis -cover (I guess it will be a 'finnpick' in the very near future) and this b-side was Cliff Richard -cover. And very competent covers they were! Cliff Richard's single "A Girl like You" came out also in 1961. It was written by Jerry Lordan, the same guy who wrote 'Apache' for the Shadows.

Here's the pair:

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