Friday, August 8, 2008

Sympathy - Sympatiaa

Fredi recorded the song "Sympatiaa" (Sympathy) in 1970 as b-side of a single. It wasn't a great success in those days but this haunting song is still a favourite of many. At the time Fredi was more and more writing his own lyrics - also with this song. The original "Sympathy" was a hit (their only one) in 1970 for an English group called Rare Bird. They were considered as a progressive rock band, but the styles of their songs ranged from heavy to almost jazz. The speciality of the group was to have two keyboard players in the line-up. One of them - Graham Field - wrote "Sympathy" and has called it "a sad little song, inspired by a tramp who cleaned my car by mistake".

Here's the pair:

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Seppo said...

Truly an interesting blog! But you shoud check the urls of the latest pairs because now they are not working.