Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Silver Moon - Minä sekä toi kuu

Närhi (real name Seppo Närhi) entered show business in the 70' as a member of a dance band doing rearurant gigs. In 1975 he started solo career as a recording artist and had couple of pop hits. Due to health problems he had to withdraw, but his daughter Laura Närhi has had great success in recent years as a lead singer in the group Kemopetrol. One of Närhi's hits was "Minä sekä toi kuu" (Me and the moon) in 1976. The lyrics to this song were done by Hector (see this entry). The original 'moon' -song was written and performed by Michael Nesmith in 1971 with the title "Silver Moon". This ex-Monkee had a quite successful solo career, and his extraodinary 'Nesmith Country' -music has won many hearts - in Finland, too.

Here's the pair:

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