Monday, September 1, 2008

Lui - Lui

Katri Helena (b. Katri Helena Koistinen) is the Finnish icon for the female singers. She has recorded over 400 songs, published some 30 albums and the sales of her records has exceeded 1 million units many years ago - for those she has earned 14 Gold Records, Katri Helena started her recording career in 1963 and is still making succesful albums. She has represented Finland in ESC twice - in 1979 and 1993. In 1965 she recorded "Lui". It is quite representative of her style at the time. The rhythmic song became favourite among the youth. The original song "Lui" (He) was performed by the Italian songstress Rita Pavone. Rita's tomboy looks and acts were quite a novelty in those days. She had chart success in the 60's all over Europe and even in the USA.

Update: On 27th of March, 2009 I added Finnish rock version done by the group 'Se'.

Here's the triple:

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