Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Maruzzella - Maruzella

Italian songs became especially popular in Finland in the latter part of the 50's. The reason for that was probably the success of Italian movies at the same time. In 1957 altogether FOUR Finnish singers recorded "Maruzella", a song made famous in finalnd by Italian Umberto Marcato. One of those 4 was Seija Karpiomaa. Seija was known for her dark alto voice. She also played harmonica and guitar. Her singing career was a short one, lasting only until 1962. "Maruzella" was the B-side of her first record which was a great success. The original song titled "Maruzzella" was composed and first performed by the Neapolitan singer legend, Renato Carosone. The song was dedicated to his wife Marisa, and is sometimes referred as 'the official song of Naples'. There was also a movie (directed by Luigi Capuano) in 1956 called "'Maruzzella' in which Renato played a part.

Here's the pair:

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