Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stessa spiaggia stesso mare - Kuinkas käy nyt

Carola (see previous entry) recorded "Kuinkas käy nyt" (How it's gonna go now) as the b-side of her second single in 1963. The a-side was a cover of Neil Sedaka's Italian hit "Terza luna", but this b-side is much more exciting. Somehow it is still sounding fresh today. As it happens, it was also a cover of an Italian hit. The original song was called "Stessa spiaggia stesso mare" (Same beach, same sea). The performer was Piero Focaccia, who had only two big hits in the 60's, of which this is the first one. The other Piero, the composer of the song Piero Soffice, had more success writing many hits for several Italian artists in the 60's.

Here's the pair:

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