Sunday, November 30, 2008

Warsaw nights - Samppanjaa

We now celebrate the end of our Finnpicks Disco Week by drinking campagne with Lea Laven. She recorded one fine example of Finnish disco called "Samppanjaa" (Champagne) in 1983. The original song didn't actually tell about drinking champagne, but was called "Warsaw nights" And it really was from Poland (although heavily produced by Germans). The song was performed by a Warsaw group called Dwa Plus Jeden (2+1 in Polish, and yes, it was three of them). It was sometimes considered as Polish Abba, but it's hard to see why. The band was fronted by sexy Elzbieta Dmoch who also took care of the lead singing. He was accompanied by two bearded guys who seemed not to have any active role on stage. They sang partly in English, as you can hear also in this song.

Here's the pair:

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