Monday, May 26, 2008

East Virginia - East Virginia

Let's go to the 60's. Danny (real name Ilkka Lipsanen) was perhaps the most popular male pop artist in Finland in the 60's. In 1964 he recorded his first single "East Virginia" together with his group - the Islanders. Danny had found the song from Joan Baez' first album ('Joan Baez' - 1960). The folk song of Baez was given a a clever pop arrangement and consequently became number 1 hit in Finland. The song originally was a traditional American folk-blues number, known usually as 'East Virginia Blues'. As an example here I give you folk-legend Buell Kazee's version (published in 1958).

Updated on 22.1.2009. Added the Finnish language version "Tuntematon" (1965).

Here's the bunch:

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Arrowman said...

Well... at last I reached your post of today (20th Sept.). Up to day it's been very interesting and partly also educating travel through the memories. There's been many rare and hard to get tracks and also originals, I've never heard. And then to the point... I counted totally 263 nonworking track (part of them had even changed places), so I also know, you ain't gonna repost them all, it would take too much time, but could you possibly try to fix this one (Haven't worked from the day one, I find my way here). From January 14th was the last nonworking post, so I believe, it's OK now, if only your capacity otherwise is enough on this blog.... With great interest, I will follow forward, what you have to offer here in the future....