Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mamy Blue - Mamy Blue

Kirka (real name Kirill Babitzin) made his breakthrough in 1967 with a big hit called "Hetki lyö". His extraordinary use of his voice kept him apart from other contemporary male singers. One of his hits in '70's was "Mamy Blue" released in 1971. The eponymous original song was recorded by a French singer Joel Daydé in June 1971. There has been much debate over what really was the original version, but it seems that the first one with English lyrics was Daydé's gospel version. The lyrics were written by Phil Trim, who was the leader of the Spanish pop group Pop Tops, whose version is probably the most famous one. The song was composed by Hubert Giraud, a well-known French composer since 1950's, who wrote several entries for Eurovision Song Contest.

Here's the pair:

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