Monday, May 26, 2008

Quando m'innamoro - Milloinkaan en löydä samanlaista

Another hit for Fredi in 1968 was "Milloinkaan en löydä samanlaista" (I'll never find another one like you). It was a beautiful pop ballad - quite suitable for Fredi's voice, and it has become a classic. We all know the Engelbert Humberdinck's version of the song as 'The Man Without Love", but the original is again an Italian song with the title "Quando m'innamoro" (When I'm in love). It was a finalist in 1968 San Remo Music Festival (it placed in 6th), and was performed by both Anna Identici and the Sandpipers. Here I present the Anna's version.

p.s. As I later found also the Sandpipers version, I will put it here, too ...
p.s.2 I replaced Anna's version with a better sounding studio recording ...

Here's the triple:

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