Sunday, May 25, 2008

Viva America - Kesän lapsi

Disco music was the craze of the day in 70's. Almost every Finnish artist was obliged to record a disco song. Tapani Kansa did several of those. One of the most popular was "Kesän lapsi" (A child of summer) in 1976. Kansa's and Katri-Helena's versions of the song re-surface every summer as summer retro-hits. The original(?) came from France and was done by a group called Banzai et Les Clodettes. The lead 'singer' Banzai and the all-girl backing group were in the Claude Francois stable. The Clodettes were usually seen as the dancing group performing with the legendary Francois, and the name of the group was of course taken after his first name.

Here's the pair:

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