Monday, May 26, 2008

El Angel de la Guarda - Vähän ennen kyyneleitä

A summer hit in 1966 for Danny was "Vähän ennen kyyneleitä" (Just before the tears fall), a beautiful haunting ballad. Not much is known about the original composition "El Angel de la Guarda" (Guardian Angel), but as the Spanish composer Alguero Dasca Augusto has written several movie scores, I guess it could originate from a sound track of a Spanish movie. The recording that might be the original sung version, is from Nana Mouskouri's Spanish language EP of 1965.

Updated on 11.08.2009: The older(?) version by Italian singer Mina is here.

Here's the pair:


raffaele said...

well in spain the first non spanish artist to sing this song was Mina and not Nana Mouskouri :)

DM said...

Thank you Raffaele for valuable information!. Above, I have added the link to Mina's version. I just don't know if the version I found in YouTube is the 60's version ...