Monday, May 26, 2008

Kicsit szomorkás - Ihana aamu

Johnny (real name Eljon "Johnny" Liebkind) was competing with Danny for the title of the most famous pop singer in Finland in the 60's. "Ihana aamu" (A wonderful morning) was his later hit in 1970. I personally remember it well, as it was played when I was serving in the army, in connection with the wake-up call at 6:00 AM. The original was a jazzy number from Hungary entitled "Kicsit szomorkás" (A little bit sad), composed by Gabor Nadas and recorded by József Németh in 1965. As the name suggests, it is in very different mood as the up-beat Finnish version. Johnny's version is similar to the Swedish version by Doris entitled 'What A Lovely Way' (1970).

Updated on 18.2.2009. Added Doris's version.

Here's the triple:

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