Thursday, May 29, 2008

Pust vsiegda budiet solnce - Gabrielle

This song is not a real Finnish version, but as it is sung in Finnish and made for the Finnish audience, I will let it pass. Hootenanny Singers were the top Folk singing group in Sweden in the 60's. As to widen their audience in Scandinavia they released 1964 a song in Finnish called "Gabrielle". Although their pronounciation of the Finnish language made people smile, the singing and the melody were strong enough to make it a hit. All we Abba fans know of course that one of the members of the group was Bjön Ullvaeus. The original song originated from Soviet Union (i.e. today's Russia). It won the Sopot International Song festival in 1963, and was then performed by Tamara Miansarova. The title of the song would transcribe something like this "Pust vsiegda budiet solnce" meaning 'May there always be sunshine'. The song is very patriotic and became very popular in Soviet Union and was frequently performed by children, usually dressed in their Young Pioneers uniforms. So, let's hear an example of those versions, too.

Here's the triple:

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