Monday, May 26, 2008

Big Fat Oranguman - Apinamies

Ami Aspelund (real name Anne-Marie Aspelund) got a good start to her career with the hit song "Apinamies" (Apeman) in 1973. Probably she wouldn't want to be remembered by this particular tune, however. She represented Finland in the 1983 Eurovision Song Contest ("Fantasiaa"). And BTW, her sister Monika was Finnish representative in the same contest in 1977 ("Lapponia"). The original 'Apeman' was a minor hit by UK band Jungle Jim in 1971 with the title "Big Fat Oranguman". The original song is of course presented from a man's point of view. And Ami's version is feminine - but definetely not feminist. Nothing has been left to told about the group Jungle Jim, but the authors of this song - Tony Cole, Graeme Hall & Steve Wolfe wrote the UK entry for the 1972 ESC (New Seekers' "Beg Steal & Borrow").

Here's the pair:

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