Sunday, May 25, 2008

Charlie Brown - Tuolta saapuu Charlie Brown

If the 'Brasilo brasila' wasn't really coming from Brazil, this one definitely was. 'Vicky' Rosti (real name Virve Rosti) had a very big hit with this song in 1976. "Tuolta saapuu Charlie Brown" (Here comes Charlie Brown) was one of her most popular songs and it's still fondly remembered and frequently requested by Finnish audience. The song was written and performed by a popular Brazilian musician, Benito di Paula. As there was almost none of the Brazilian music played in the Finnish radio those days, I think very few people have ever heard this original version.

Updated on 21.09.2009: Added version by German singer Benny. This was probably the version Vicky covered.

Here's the triplet:

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pgh said...

tämä tuli meille Saksasta Frank Farianin suojanin Bennyn
laulama Versio " Hey Amigo Charlie"
on melkein yksi yhteen Vickyn kanssa.